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ex-pert       1. a person who has a high degree of special skills
or knowledge in 
a particular field;
2. a credible authority who defines what to pay attention to, what
things mean, how things work, and how things might turn out;
3. an informed person who get's paid for their insight ... YOU!



More than just a motivational sales rally, this program was designed to bring cutting edge strategies for today’s hard-hit market.  Whether you’re in general brokerage, commercial, or new home sales, you will walk away with the tools you need to penetrate today’s market and help bring confused buyers to the closing table.  Each speaker understands the state of the economy and will address those issues.  You will leave inspired, motivated, but more importantly, armed to go back to the field immediately and boost your sales.

Join John Palumbo, Meredith Oliver, and Melinda Brody for this exclusive, limited seating event that will teach you how to build your own sales expertise.  The Masters will converge for one day in Jacksonville, Florida to coach you on the secrets of today’s social media, entrepreneurial selling skills, and better closing strategies for today’s market.  Sales Expert Academy is a fast-paced, content rich program. 

Obtain the sales advantage necessary to survive and thrive in today’s hard-hit market. This course is designed to give salespeople, whether in general brokerage, commercial, or new home sales, the tools necessary to penetrate today’s market and bring buyers to the closing table.



Master the art of closing the sale to increase your bottom line:

  • Leave loaded with strategies to  close more effectively, efficiently, and more often   
  • Discover why most objections are actually caused by things the salesperson says early on, and how to  avoid those objectections 
  • Leverage customers’ concerns about market uncertainty to create more urgency and the drive to purchase from you, and not consider anyone else 
  • Gain   an adept intuition of what today’s buyers want and need to hear, and when they need to hear it so you can close more sales NOW 

Understand the ins and outs of Entrepreneurial Marketing:

  • Walk out with a specific marketing plan to begin their program immediately to drive more traffic  
  • Develop a specific strategy to partner with area merchants, apartments, business, that cater to your dominate demographic  
  • Adapt a business owner mindset and go from “I’m a sales agent for ABC builders” to “I own this community like it’s my small business and I will do what it takes”  

Learn to combine the internet and sales to sell, sell, and sell more:

  • Learn how to maximize online presence and connect with online customers  
  • Understand what makes the online customer tick and, more importantly, buy a home  
  • Identify how to close the online customer for an onsite appointment  
  • Learn to use Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to prospect and network for new business  
  • Increase sales through improved follow-up with email marketing  


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